The Garden, The Bees, Fresh Air and Wellbeing.


There is something a little bit comforting and reassuring about being outside in nature.

If the last 18 months with the effects of the pandemic has taught us anything it’s about the importance of family, friends and more importantly looking after ourselves.

At the start of lockdown1 on the 23rd of March 2020 I believed that Cookie Doodle Doo was, like other businesses, about to struggle to keep going. I fully imagined that I would be able to carry on my garden project with all the spare time that I was about to get.

How wrong was I!

My small business has continue to grow throughout the pandemic and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped to grow my business to what it is today. 

For months I worked tirelessly creating beautiful designs and sending them out to all your friends and family when you weren’t able to see them. And I loved it!

In the run-up to Christmas it was quite regular for me to work seven days a week with a minimum of 16 hours a day without complaint (and sleep!)

Lindsey, my youngest sister, and I talked regularly on Facetime during the pandemic supporting each other in our businesses as both of us were really busy, often talking into the night. It was like a co-working space and was great that we didn't feel isolated in our small businesses.

 Stop and smell the roses

2021 came along and our "busy ness" continued right through to Easter and as the lockdown started to ease I was able to start on my back garden project.

At the same time as I started work on the back garden project our builder also brought us forward in his diary to start on the front garden project!  He came to put some new patio doors and a brand-new patio around the side and front of our home. And so it was all systems go to rip up the old patio to make way for the new.

I have spent the last three months with some spare time to create my new outdoor space with planters and borders which has been fantastic for my health and wellbeing.

I love gardening. My grandad and my dad were both great gardeners and my sister from Fiddley Diddley has the most beautiful garden also created during the last year following the completion of building her house.We are quite knowledgeable on plants and together with our Dad we started a garden club in our village many years ago which hopefully will soon be back open again. 

I have used the garden as a way of keeping fit, to gain a healthy glow to my skin and mentally revive myself when work makes me weary.

In fact Molly my Cocker spaniel will not allow an afternoon to go by without Beth and I take a cup of tea outside in the afternoon straight after the post office run.

She has a lot to say about it if we don’t follow with our new tradition!

The outdoor theme has carried on through new creations in our Garden collection and I’m excited to tell you about our new bees range which complement our gardening cookie boxes which are perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day; Father’s Day or just for someone who needs a little gardening treat.

The Beeautiful Bees range comes in several different sizes of cookie box starting with our beehive which was populate from its launch right through to our new large cookie box called "Don’t Worry Bee Happy". 



I’m looking forward to the promised heat wave this week where hopefully more work on the back garden will be possible. I will have to crack on anyway as the weeds are getting on faster than I am!

And hopefully there will be lots of opportunity for cups of tea on the new patio with Molly with Darcy in the background looking frantically for any little fallen apples!

Have a lovely week and thank you again so much for being such wonderful customers.

And don't forget to "Stop" and smell the roses!

Lots of love

Mel X