My Favourite kitchen tools

When it comes to baking we all have our favourite tools in the kitchen. 

Whether it’s an old rolling pin that used to belong to grandma, that every time you take it out of the drawer reminds you of her wonderful baking or something shiny and new that you’re just about to try out, we all find our favourites. 

When I was thinking about writing about my favourite tools I took a look around the kitchen and tried to think of where I got things from, why I got them and why I keep them. 

Some things I’ve had for years it seems.

For instance I have a set of cows that I bought from Woolworths all those years ago and who didn’t love Woolworths? 

I got these because I absolutely loved them and I went back week after week after every payday and bought another one towards my set. They all had a purpose e.g. one is a liquid soap dispenser, another a pen pot, salt and pepper pots etc but now they are just used as ornaments and I couldn't  bear to part with them.

Who knew that years later I would actually live on a farm with cows. Not Blue and white ones though :)

On my shelves I have a great many cookery books, many of which belonged to my Nanna. She was a great baker and a great cook, she worked in some of the largest industries in Derby, where I was born. She was at one time Head Cook for Rolls-Royce and then moved on to work for Balfour Beatty. Two huge names in business even today.

What my Nanna couldn’t do in the kitchen wasn’t worth attempting. I am so grateful for all I learned from her. 

For my own business I have some of the tools of the trade that I couldn’t manage without and I thought I would share that with you today. 

I’m sure you will have your own special tools but these are some of mine.

1. A 20 inch acrylic rolling pin. 
20” acrylic rolling pin and Perspex spacers

I purchased this rolling pin on one of my many annual trips to the NEC to cake International. This is a fantastic show for anyone interested in cake decorating and has one of the largest cake decorating competitions across the world. In fact many of the exhibitors are international. They are absolutely fantastic and so talented.

It’s worth taking a look online at some of the fantastic cakes, sugar flowers and Life-size cake and chocolate sculptures.

The great thing about a large rolling pin is that you can roll out sufficient fondant icing to cover up to a 12 inch cake. Mine has aready baked thousands of biscuits too. The acrylic rolling pin does not dent quite as easily as a softwood rolling pin and is really easy to clean too. 

2. Two pairs of perspex spacers. Mine are from Vanilla Valley again purchased from the NEC but available online from them or other companies too.

These are brilliant because they make sure that my biscuit dough, fondant icing or pastry is an even thickness every single time meaning the bake is lovely and even.

They also ensure that that Cookie Doodle Doo biscuits are perfect for the packaging which in turn protects them in the post so they arrive in perfect condition. 

3. A flour shaker is a must for a baker and mine is quite old. From the harvest range from a Marks and Spencer it has been washed and refilled many times. You get a real feel for your own tools and this has been a real faithful servant over the years.

4. A set of plastic measuring spoons given to me by my Nanna for my “ bottom drawer” I have now had these for over 40 years and I wouldn’t be without them. Every time I use them I think of her. The large measuring cup lifts in my 16 L flower lock and lockbox and the measuring spoons are used every day to make the dough and the Royal icing for all of my customers orders.

5. Finally the most expensive piece of equipment in my kitchen is my Thermomix.

When I first saw this machine I knew that I wanted one but didn’t feel that I could justify the cost. The lady that I met Networking who sold the Thermomix machines came to my house to do a demonstration and I was immediately hooked. This is definitely a considered purchase although it didn’t take me long to consider buying mine. In fact it’s been an absolute asset to me in my business and has paid for itself in two years simply by grinding every day granulated sugar into castor sugar . Castor sugar is double the cost of the basic granulated sugar and by just grinding a couple of bags for six seconds I have completely paid for the machine.

Castor sugar is double the cost of the basic granulated sugar and by just grinding a couple of bags for six seconds I have completely paid for the machine.

20” acrylic rolling pink and Perspex spacers

Having over 40,000 recipes online the Thermomix can also add the recipe to your shopping basket at any of the major supermarkets  and can be used by people who say they can’t cook right through to the biggest chefs in the world. The latest celebrity chefs to add one to the kitchen are the Hairy Bikers and there’s many a cooking or baking program on the television where the Thermomix can be seen in the kitchen.

This includes Masterchef.

Christina, the lady who I met Networking who sold me the machine is now a firm friend.
Throughout the lockdown Christina hosted online cookery demos every Saturday morning where people who had a Thermomix could join in and cook along. And for those who didn’t have one who were interested in finding out more I think it was a real eye-opener. If anyone is interested in knowing more about them and wants me to put you in touch with her I will happily do so or go search her Facebook page which is Thermomixing with Christina.

So there we have it  the top five favourite tools in my kitchen. All well used and loved. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and if you’ve got any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via the website or on my email which is

Thanks for reading – happy baking.