Mothers Day, the history and beautiful, unique, personalised gifts

Welcome to Cookie Doodle Doo's blog post that looks at the history of gift-giving on Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday and seeks to show you the Mother’s Day collection from Cookie Doodle Doo as something unique and personal to buy for your loved ones to show our love and thanks to them.


History of Mothering Sunday

Like many traditions Mothering Sunday began with a religious purpose. Held on the fourth Sunday in Lent and exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday, it was originally a day to give thanks to the Virgin Mary who was also known as Mother Mary. Such celebrations required people to visit the main church or cathedral in a family's area that they called the 'mother' church. The practice brought families together on this special day and allowed children who generally worked as domestic servants from as early as ten years old, a chance to take a day off to join their family and see their mother.

The celebrations were similar to, and most likely derived from the Roman ceremonies of the Mother Goddess Cybele as far back as 250 BC or from the Greeks who had celebrations and festivals of worship for Rhea, the Mother of their Gods and Goddesses.

Mothers Day Treats

As with any national holiday, food always seems to take centre stage and we all love our food and the tradition it brings!

Mothering Sunday was once also known as 'Refreshment Sunday' it was the mid-lent Sunday where fasting could be 'eased' for the day and people could enjoy a meal together as a family. Similar to today, Mothering Sunday was all about spoiling mum and making her feel happy and appreciated. Nowadays mum's are either taken out for a special dinner or a home-cooked Sunday roast dinner is enjoyed by the whole family - mums might even be cooking it themselves!

Mothers Day Gift Giving

It is customary on Mother's Day to give presents and cards to show Mum how much she's valued and appreciated and to say “Thank You” for being there.

Traditionally Mother's Day gifts included flowers and a Simnel cake although the cake has now migrated more towards the Easter celebrations.

The flowers were picked by the workers on the way home from their place of work for a day with their mum.

They would pick wild flowers from the country lanes although this practice is not now encouraged and in fact, Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 it is an offence to “intentionally pick, uproot or destroy any wild plant included on a protected list. In my own opinion, I feel that wild flowers should be left to help feed our bees and protect them but contrary to popular belief it is not illegal to pick wild flowers today.

It is still a tradition today to spoil your Mum with a bunch of flowers or another suitable gift. There is often sibling rivalry to get Mum the best gift.

This is where Cookie Doodle Doo can help.

Instead of another bunch of flowers, we can provide a personalised and unique cookie box that is a real treat for your Mum, Mother, Nan, Nana, Grandma, Godmother etc to name but a few!

In fact whatever name you call your loved one Cookie Doodle Doo can provide a bespoke gift that has that very name beautifully iced on it and whether you celebrate Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday we have a gift for you to give your Mum on 31st March.

You can see the whole collection in the Cookie Shop and if you don't see what you would like then contact us and we will see what we can do at Cookie HQ