Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in challenging times!

Cookie Doodle Doo during the coronavirus.

We are all struggling in the difficult times of the coronavirus and I am getting lots of enquiries so I thought I would update my FAQ page to help.

Many people are self isolating, Working from Home, Poorly or just wanting to reduce chances of coming into contact.

The main question coming through to my Facebook page is

Are you still working / open for business / creating cookies? I want to reassure you that Cookie Doodle Doo is still very much open for business.

At Cookie HQ we have a newly issued 5* food hygiene rating issued by East Lindsey District Council and already follow all the government health and hygiene rules but of course have redoubled our efforts and have a spotless environment to work in. 

We are, of course, assessing the situation all the time.

For example our cookies require ingredients, flour occasionally being in short supply at local stockists. I love to buy local and from small businesses and have a great relationship with the local stores so this should not be a problem.

The cookies are posted via Royal Mail are still having difficulties delivering post in some areas so no change there at the minute.

I live in a fairly isolated area on the coast of Lincolnshire with fields and beaches around me so if I stay safe like everyone else I know personally we will be fine.

Here are the top 10 questions that you ask about Cookie Doodle Doo cookie boxes.

1. How much are your cookie boxes

I have 4 popular sizes of cookie box that you can purchase straight from my website.  Prices are as follows:-

  1. Small £6.95 - £12.95
  2. Medium £14.95 - £19.95
  3. Large £22.50 - £29.95
  4. Extra Large from £42.95 but not currently available.

If you want something special and would like Cookie Doodle Doo to make you a personalised bespoke unique box of cookies in any of our popular sizes you will need to order a bespoke cookie box and let me know what the person who is celebrating loves to do. I will then create a delicious box of cookies that is completely unique to that person - their “Story in a Box”

Prices for bespoke cookie boxes are as follows:

  1. Small £12.95
  2. Medium £19.95
  3. Large £29.95
  4. Extra Large £42.95

2. How many biscuits are in each box?

The cookie boxes are all individual and whilst our regular stock cookie boxes have a core number of cookies in them, each box still differs slightly, especially with the tiny filler biscuits that we put in to protect the cookies when they go into the post.

3. Are the colours the same as in the pictures and can we choose our own colours?

Colouring the icing to a specific shade is very difficult to replicate, each of the cookie boxes will contain cookies of slightly different shades although the same colouring products are used every time. You can ask for “pastel” or “bright” colours if it is important to the design and we will endeavour to accommodate however being really specific may mean that a bespoke price tag is attached.

4. How long do the cookies last?

The cookies are baked as near to the order date (or the required date) as possible so they reach you fresh and delicious. Please let us know if you need them on a particular date.

They are great for 6 weeks or longer if kept in a biscuit tin.

Biscuit tin

5. Do you post direct?

We think the cookie boxes make the most impact when posted direct, however, the cookie boxes can be posted direct to the recipient or to you - it is your choice.

If you are not going to see the person who is celebrating then posting cookies direct is a perfect way to send a personalised gift that shows you care.

When the cookie box arrives your friend or family will open the box with a huge smile and will instantly know that you have put thought into your gift.

If you live with someone who is celebrating and the cookies come to you it gives you the opportunity to wrap them up beautifully like any other gift or set them up at a party on a tray or serve them at an afternoon tea. Perfect to celebrate in a small way on their special day. 

In isolation it can sometimes seem that the world has stopped but there are still birthdays, wedding anniversaries and new babies that need celebrating so if you need something that is very personal then Cookie Doodle Doo can help.



6. What is your turnaround / lead time?

We aim to bake, decorate and dispatch the cookie order within 8 working days and would welcome a notice period of at least a week. There is space on the website to request delivery for a specific date and we will do our best to meet that date for you. There may be delays at peak order times such as Christmas so please order early.

We have reduced the number of visits to the Post Office to post the cookie orders and so your orders may arrive a day or two earlier than you expect whilst we try to stay ahead of orders. This is just another safety aspect to keep ourselves safe. Currently we are looking to post out Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of daily.

7. Can I swap one or two of the biscuits for something different?

Each of our core collections has been carefully designed and made over and over again to ensure they create a perfect cookie box every time, making the best use of the space in the box, avoiding gaps in between the cookies and ensuring that the colours all work together. Therefore we cannot, for example, replace a star for a cat as the book would need to be completely redesigned to ensure the box works.

We have bespoke collections where you can choose specific shapes and provide ideas for a “story in a box” and we lovingly create a unique cookie box for you.

8. Do you do gluten free or vegan?

I work from a home baking kitchen and therefore I also bake using ingredients that could potentially harmful to people with serious allergies. I therefore have taken the decision not to produce specialist cookies for people with allergies and therefore only offer one recipe which includes wheat (gluten)and dairy products.

All ingredients are listed on each product for sale on my website.

The cookies are suitable for vegetarians.

9. Can you do?

The bespoke cookie boxes are tailored to your ideas and I "can do" just about anything. Please just place the order and give me your ideas and if I have any questions I will come back to you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us a message via our contact form and we will come back to you within 72 hours.

10. My Order hasn't arrived please could you tell me where it is?

Unfortunately unless you asked and paid specifically for guaranteed delivery I will not be able to tell you where your order is.

Once I post an order (always first class standard Royal Mail) I am afraid it is out of my hands.

Royal Mail do not consider an item is lost in the post until at  least 10 working days have passed so please could you wait a while before asking this question and give them time to deliver.

I know it is frustrating, for me especially, as I want you to get all of your orders the day after I post them out but I have no control over the delivery. I can only guarantee to create and post on time.

The pandemic is creating challenges for us all and I hope that you stay safe and well. With cookie regards

Melanie x