Corporate Orders - Why our clients order cookies to promote their businesses.

Why you should consider Cookie Doodle Doo for cookies and why do they make great gifts for your business?

What do you get someone that you don't really know? It is difficult isn't it. Sometimes a bespoke twist on a generic idea is a great option.

Staff always like to receive a box of biscuits to share. Maybe a tray of cakes, a bottle of wine maybe?

Businesses just like yours are always looking for new ways to say "Thank You" and "Welcome on Board".

The last few months of lockdown have meant we all want to say thank you to all the people who helped us get through the pandemic.

Cookies have been a great source of comfort to many who have sent a teacup or teapot to friends and family they would normally have a cuppa and a chinwag with and weren't able to see.

Sending staff gifts to furloughed staff is also a great thing to do to show you are thinking of them.


We have seen a number of companies sending a variety of gifts across the country just to keep in touch with their customers or suppliers.

Whilst some business have struggled to continue in production other businesses have been thriving and welcoming new customers on board.

Still on zoom?

Whilst others have been sending cookies to enjoy on a team "zoom" meeting that would ordinarily have been held face to face. Sent ahead of time they are great to enjoy a "near normal" teabreak before, after or during the meeting.

 Thank You Teacups

Times are changing fast and it is good to look at the businesses that are thriving and looking at what they are doing differently to others in the same industry.

One of the main reasons I can see for businesses looking at growth in their sector is that they are the ones who have given great value over the lockdown period including free resources help and support. They have built up a lot of trust and goodwill and are very busy welcoming new clients to their services.

And what if something goes wrong?

Our customers have on a rare occasion asked if we can send an apology cookie and this "Sorry" teapot cookie box is perfect and something very different and always well received.

So here are many ways you could consider using our cookies to build your business.

BUT... Don't just take our word for it - read on

Companies who have already used our products have given brilliant reviews and testimonials such as this one from Dan Edwards who runs D & K Accounting (A Certified Profit First Accountant and a Quickbooks Platinum Member)

We have used Mel at Cookie Doodle Doo for well over a year now.

We wanted to send our new clients something bespoke to them and their business as we like our clients to know that we think they are more than just a number on a spreadsheet!

Mel makes each box personalised with the client's logo which really reflects well on us as a business.

I would highly recommend Mel to any business that wants to show their clients they are willing to go the extra mile!

Or this one from Anne Messer, Bespoke Training Services (Wiltshire) Ltd

I wanted to send an unusual thank you gift to one of my Clients who is a food producer. Rather than relying upon all the usual, chocolates, flowers etc, I found Cookie Doodle Doo.  After consultation about what might be feasible, Melanie designed a superb box of cookies to reflect the client logo and each of their main products individually.  
In addition, she produced an individual, star themed cookie for each of the training programme attendees.  The excitement their arrival brought across the factory floor was fantastic!  

Would you like to know more? Why not organise a discovery call and find out what Cookie Doodle Doo can do for you and your business? Simply complete the contact form on our website to book a 15 minute appointment to see how we can help.

If you know what you want, how do you order a corporate gift? 

We have tried to make ordering very simple so the process is seamless and works well for you and Cookie HQ

Here at Cookie HQ we aim to make ordering very simple.

On our website we have a special corporate cookie box for each of our 3 popular sizes in our Corporate Collection

The Small box starts at £12.95 and can include one individual cookie to say Welcome on Board or several smaller cookies in various shapes to compliment the businesses involved and will include logo/s.

A Medium Box starts at £19.95 and gives more scope to include various elements of the business.

Our most popular size is the Large size cookie box which can be designed to include many elements of a business including the logo, the kinds of products that they sell, sentiments and words etc. This box is £29.95 and has is perfect for an office environment to share or for a great corporate gift.

Each of the cookie boxes will be specially designed for your business to give the maximum impact to the company and the person receiving it.

Each cookie box is posted out with a personalised note that you supply and also your business card if you wish.

If you need help with an idea then do get in touch for a chat about taking your ideas forward

Thanks for reading


Cookie Doodle Doo