Christmas 2021 - Five Top Tips For Making The Perfect Cookie!

Five top tips on how to make the perfect cookie every time

Christmas is the most magical time of the year.

The lights, decorations, food and music create a spellbinding and captivating backdrop to the entire season. However, Christmas actually centres around the theme of celebrating family. One family in particular. Now whether you celebrate the Nativity or not, getting together and being with your loved ones, the theme of family rings true throughout the festive period.

Last year, we couldn't get together because of the pandemic. We were restricted. Told to stay home. Let's be honest, it caused a complete damper on all the festivities, particularly the eating and drinking together, which is such a big part of the merry making and festivities.

Food is such an integral part of Christmas. The laying of the table, recipes, making the food and sharing it together. The turkey and all the trimmings, (sprouts are optional!).

But then there's the sweet treats, such as the Christmas pudding, the Christmas cake, the panetone, the stollen…..delicious! And it wouldn’t be Christmas without cookies, where the aroma fills each room like a festive elixir.

This Christmas is extra special.

Having been denied these delights last year, we can now get together. Everybody is going to be going that extra mile, making that little bit of extra effort for this magical time of year.  

So because of that, I'm going to give you a gift.

These are my five top tips to make the perfect cookie every time.

This delicious, sweet treat can be shared with the whole family or with friends.

Tip One: Refrigerate the dough.   Once you have made up your biscuit dough, you want your cookies to hold their shape when they are cooking.  For this to happen, you must refrigerate the dough.  If you don’t, it will spread in the oven and your beautiful creations will lose all definition.   

Tip Two: Always use fresh ingredients. Fresh free range eggs are an absolute must here because they will definitely add to the flavour. Additionally, if you're one of those people who has jars of old spices stored in the cupboard for years on end, go and buy some new ones. Over time those old spices lose their vibrancy.

Tip Three:  Measure your ingredients precisely. Baking is a bit like science and requires you to be precise when it comes to measuring your ingredients. Too much of this or too little of that can have disastrous consequences on your cookies, so take time to invest in the right equipment for the job; jugs for liquids, measuring spoons for spices and sugar, measuring cups for other ingredients like flour and a good set of accurate kitchen scales.

Tip Four: Preheat your oven. You've gone to all this effort to make your delicious smelling mixture. Always wait for your oven to heat up to the correct temperature before you pop the dough in.  This will ensure your cookies are evenly baked. 

Tip Five: Always cool on a wire rack.  This is really important. After about two to three minutes of your cookies being out of the oven, transfer them carefully to the wire rack. No one wants a soggy bottom!


So there you have it, five top tips that will help you with your baking when creating the perfect cookie.

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The perfect way to celebrate this Christmas together.

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Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Love Mel x